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Corporate partnerships

Partnership with patient organizations

At GSK, we want to place the patient at the centre of everything that we do. It is clear that all of our efforts in the area of research and development are intended to improve the quality of life and the life span of patients with all kinds of ailments.

To be able to offer medicines and vaccines, we must have a clear image of the patient’s requirements in the various areas of disease in which we work. We also recognise and respect the fact that patient groups are an increasingly more important stakeholder group in the broad debate over healthcare. We are of the opinion that our collaboration with patient groups helps them in supporting people who are ill.

In order to be really transparent, GSK makes all information about sponsoring of patient organizations in Belgium available on this website. In this way, we want to offer you insight into the details of specific projects and the amount of sponsoring that patient organizations receive from GSK. GSK will update and publish this information annually on this website.

In this document (PDF) you will find a detailed overview of patient organizations and other organizations working from the patient’s perspective that GSK supports financially.

Partnerships with research centers

GSK collaborated over the past years with multiple research centers in Belgium. Partnering with researchers is an important part of our research and development activities. By working together, we are helping to accelerate the discovery and development of new medicines for patients around the world.

Partnership with Pfizer and Shionogi

ViiV Healthcare has been established by GSK and Pfizer in 2009. ViiV Healthcare is an independent company solely focused on the needs of people living with HIV. ViiV Healthcare is committed to deliver new options for the care and treatment of HIV. Shionogi joined the group in 2012, bringing a new class of anti-retroviral therapy.

Find out more about ViiV Healthcare.