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Our mission and strategy

Our mission is to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

That is what we offer with our innovative medicines and vaccines. But also with our initiatives for improving and refining healthcare, where we look for innovative collaboration with various partners. Because we want care about health benefits for each individual patient. We consider it a success when that patient can go on optimally with his life.

Operating responsibly and ensuring our values are embedded in our culture and decision-making helps us better meet the expectations of society.

Grow a diversified business

Our aim

We have been creating a more balanced business and product portfolio, capable of delivering sustainable sales growth. This is centered on our three business areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.

Our priorities

  • Successful launch and commercialisation of new products from our pipeline

Deliver more products of value

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Our aim

We have changed our R&D organisation so that it is better able to sustain a pipeline of products that offer valuable improvements in treatment for patients and healthcare providers.

GSK has large R&D centres in Belgium, the UK, USA, Spain and China. There are three locations in Belgium for research, development and manufacture of vaccines, specifically in Rixensart, Waver and Gembloux.


  • To date, 30 vaccines have been developed in Belgium. Their names usually end in ‘-rix’ (for example, Rotarix), which refers to the GSK location in Rixensart.
  • GSK aims to stimulate new ways of doing research by offering two lab spaces to external scientists and academics. These Open Labs are located at Tres Cantos in Madrid and in Africa, which are labs created to discover new, better, safer and affordable medicines for diseases of the developing world. 

Simplify the operating model

Our aim

As our business continues to change shape, we are transforming how we operate so that we can reduce complexity and become more efficient.

This frees up resources to reinvest elsewhere in the business.

Responsible business

Our aim

Being a responsible business is central to our strategy, and how we deliver success is just as important as what we achieve. Ensuring our values are embedded in our culture and decision-making helps us better meet the expectations of society.


  • GSK supplies a quarter of the world’s vaccines. 
  • Around 40% of the world’s children are immunised against at least one serious disease with a GSK vaccine.
  • 99% of the GSK production in Belgium is exported. This corresponds to 1.2 billion vaccine doses, distributed to 173 countries, of which more than 80% are developing countries.
  • GSK is the most important supplier of vaccines for UNICEF & GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation). As part of our drive to improve access, we plan to increase sevenfold, in the next several years, the volume of vaccines we supply to GAVI. 
  • 1/3 of our new candidate vaccines in development target diseases particularly prevalent in the developing world, including all three WHO infectious disease priorities: HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. The malaria vaccine is being developed in Belgium.
  • 1st pharmaceutical company to sign AllTrials campaign for research transparency
  • GSK is also committed to improving the availability of medicines and vaccines in developing countries and setting up medical infrastructures. Our company is therefore proud to be number 1 for the fifth time in a row in the independent ‘Access to Medicines Index