Joined us in 2001, based in Wavre.

What makes you, you?

I am very analytical and love to solve puzzles and fix things whether doing DIY at home or taking on exciting challenges at work. I have a typical Southern European character, energetic, loyal, creative and determined.

What’s the best thing about working here?

I’m fascinated by the value vaccines bring to society. It’s simply great to be able to contribute to that mission and being surrounded by people with the same passion and values.

How have we supported your development?

I was always encouraged to think beyond my area of comfort. My managers and HR prioritized people development and invested to coach me and support my career path. They also taught me to seek in myself what motivates me and to take charge of my own development plan.

What are your highlights?

I first joined the company in 2001 from academic research and since then I have moved to various enriching functions in commercial and R&D. I have been fortunate to hold regional and global commercial roles within pharmaceuticals and vaccines giving me strategic and operational exposure. After a short period in another company I rejoined the R&D vaccines department in 2008 to leverage my business and market experience in order to identify growth opportunities and fill our pipeline. Throughout this journey I had increasing team management responsibilities.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us?

The company is vibrant and multicultural. There is a genuine culture of continuous improvement and investment in personal development.

Leadership if committed to innovation and to delivering our exciting pipeline. As a value based organization, we strive to lead the ethical agenda of the pharmaceutical industry.