What makes you, you ?

My grandparents had a small farm. They survived two world wars and had 10 kids of which 2 died young. Despite the difficulties, they persevered for their family. Worked hard but passionately. Fed the hungry whenever they could and gave shelter in need.

That puts things in perspective to me still today. Focus first on what is critically important. Don’t feel a “victim”. Whatever you do, do it with passion. Enjoy the good times. Share your joy. Support each other in difficult moments.

What’s the best thing about working here ?

Purpose: it’s really thrilling to be able to play an active role in the “Decade of Vaccines”. The output of our work impacts not only our personal lives directly, but contributes to the health of human kind. It does make a difference!

What are your highlights ?

I’m an industrial pharmacist from the University of Ghent. Before joining GSK, I worked 11 years in the pharmaceutical Industry in various roles, mainly Quality.

At GSK I was able to lead in a short period of time various teams in Quality, from Lean/Operational Excellence over Packaging and Warehousing to major CAPEX investments (Project validation). In all of which I was able to work with very passionate people.

How have we support your development ?

The company allows to see different aspects and areas of the business quite easily. That helps me understanding how the company runs and how I can use my skills better to contribute to the overall success. It is very rewarding knowing that my management has always supported me and allows my career evolve in my area of interest. The number of development opportunities is virtually unlimited. Nothing is stopping my development besides myself. How is that?

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us ?

Stop thinking and start doing! What are you waiting for?