Interactions with prescribers

In all of our interactions with healthcare professionals, our priority is to be transparent about our work, operate with integrity, and always put the interests of patients first.

This relationship is fundamental to the progress of medical science and to help meet patient and public health needs

We believe this relationship is fundamental to the progress of medical science and to help meet patient and public health needs.

Changes made to our policy

On 2 October 2018 we announced a series of changes to our policy for how we work with healthcare professionals (HCPs). The purpose of these changes is to improve understanding of new data and clinical experience with our products and increase transparency of payments to HCPs.

The changes will apply to innovative products for a limited time and aim to support HCPs to deliver better outcomes for patients. Please see our code on HCP engagement (PDF).

How we improve sharing new data

Therefore, we are making the following changes to our policy to help improve sharing of new data on our products among HCPs. Going forward, GSK will:

  • Make fair market value payments to global expert practitioners who speak about the new science behind selected GSK products, their associated diseases and clinical practice in promotional settings including national meetings, speaker training meetings, GSK standalone meetings, satellite symposia and webinars.
  • Pay reasonable travel costs (except in the US) for an HCP to attend a GSK-organised standalone meeting to learn about data and clinical expertise.
  • Directly pay registration fees for HCPs to attend remote congress webinars/webcasts. GSK will continue to not sponsor HCPs to attend local and international conferences.

These changes will apply for a period of 24 months from marketing authorisation of a new medicine or vaccine, and for 12 months following significant new data, as this is the point at which HCPs have the most need to know about data from new products.

Under the new policy we will expand our reporting of payments to individual HCPs as part of our commitment to transparency and responsible disclosure. Beginning in 2019, we will, where legally permitted, disclose individual level payments annually in the US, Japan and other major developed markets in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our commitment

For many years, we have sought to show that whenever we talk to a doctor, nurse or other prescriber, it is patients’ interests that always come first. We understand that our role in providing HCPs with new data and information about our medicines, must be done clearly and without any perception of conflict of interest.

We believe that transparent scientific dialogue and engagement with experts is in the interests of all those working to develop new medicines, improve clinical practice and care for patients. These are the principles that underpin our policy of engagement with HCPs and we remain fully committed to them.