Supply Chain Director

“As Director, Global Vaccines Supply Chain Performance and Capabilities, I'm responsible for making sure that supply chain processes are effective and encoded into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. I also lead performance improvement initiatives and programmes. I’m proud that my department makes a day-to-day contribution into achieving the supply chain mission: reliable supply to customers.

There’s a stable workforce here at GSK Belgium. I’ve noticed that people don’t move on to other companies because we invest in our people and there are lots of internal opportunities. The level of commitment is high – but then GSK’s commitment to its employees is equally high. My colleagues arrive every day committed to going that extra mile. There’s an excellent team spirit. My team likes working together and listening to each other. It’s very motivating.

I find it really easy to explain to my children why I work for GSK. There’s no ambiguity. I’m proud to work for a company that is focused on doing its best for the customer. It’s a truly sustainable business. Even the containers in the cafeteria are made of cellulose, so are compostable. Some companies pay lip service to their values, but here at GSK they are integral and touch every aspect of our work. It’s not just words – it’s real.”