Head of Secondary Operations

“I’ve always worked in the pharmaceutical industry, but I joined GSK because I was passionate about its mission: manufacturing products that benefit global health. Up to 70% of our products go to developing countries and our pricing makes them as accessible as possible. Most pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to invest in diseases that mainly affect poorer countries, but we’re proud to have spent two decades developing a malaria vaccine that is coming to market soon.

As Head of Secondary Operations, I’m in charge of a network of manufacturing sites. I provide leadership, support development and generally make sure my teams have everything they need to manufacture vaccines and do their best. It’s a highly responsible and fast-paced operations role with responsibility for around 2,000 people. Seeing others perform well drives me and keeps me motivated. It’s inspiring to work in a team with people who have different skillsets and make different contributions.

What drives me is the impact that we have on children of different nationalities through our vaccines. I think about them and I’m inspired by my ability to help them avoid illness and maintain their health. And it’s not just me: my colleagues genuinely believe in the mission and care about the patient. It’s a unique environment to work in.”