IT Business Partner

“What attracted me to GSK was the professionalism of the company and the industry itself. Before GSK, I worked in a consultancy company, and after doing some work in the pharmaceutical industry, I knew it was the right environment for me. It’s great to work in a team where everyone is efficient, effective and sharing the same values. I’ve never seen a company where values are so important.

 Training and career development are taken seriously at GSK. Good performers know they will have plenty of opportunities to evolve, whether it’s moving to another domain or to the next level. The first trainings I had gave me the tools to keep my energy levels high. I’ve also benefited from “on-the-job” learning and regular mentoring from my manager.

 As IT Business Partner, I’m responsible for three teams that provide all-round support and applications for HR, environmental health and safety, compliance and risk. What I really enjoy about working here is having the freedom to act. I feel empowered to take decisions to drive my team in the way I want to, while having strong support from senior managers. It’s great to be able to work within GSK’s values and objectives, but still choose and define the way I achieve these objectives.”