Joined us in 2011, based in Rixensart.

What makes you, you?

That’s a difficult question! The guiding principle behind all my actions is above all what is best for the community. Since I was very young and even today I have always preferred trying to achieve projects within a group rather than just for myself. Nothing means more to me than feeling that I am part of a team that inspires trust and delivers results. That is why I have focused my career on jobs in production where teamwork is essential.

What’s the best thing about working here?

GSK has one huge advantage for me: it allows me to develop within a company where I can rub shoulders with people of all ages who have different experiences, coming from different places and different horizons, which makes every new encounter very enriching. All these people are determined to provide the best possible vaccination solutions. This allows me to act on the basis of strong shared values and feel that we are on the same wavelength in all our discussions. Of course we do not always agree with each other but the desire to strive for a common goal is obvious. This makes it much easier to look for solutions by integrating everyone’s experience.

What are your highlights?

I started my career in the steel industry. I then worked in the industrial chemical sector before starting a new career at GSK. At every stage I was determined to learn the job so that I could understand and respond effectively to the expectations of the teams entrusted to me. Of course, my teams know their jobs better than I do! This is what has enabled me to learn something new every day and to ensure that their problems were solved at exactly the right level. At GSK, we all work to provide top-quality products and deliver them on time. Everyone provides added value by supporting colleagues in their work, no matter what their position in the production unit. It is a huge change in mentality to see a reversal of the traditional hierarchical pyramid in which I used to work but this approach is so much more enriching. Once the process of reversing the pyramid is complete, that will be my greatest achievement to date.  

How have we supported your development?

The number of training courses offered at GSK is impressive and enables the company to meet each person’s personal development needs. For those in a team management position, a leadership enhancement package is also included in the integration programme.

In addition to these formal training courses, we are encouraged to give and receive feedback as often as possible, to and from anyone in the unit. The aim is to give and receive external advice to allow the person in question to improve by keeping what works well and thinking about what could be improved. That is what allows everyone to develop and improve.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us?

I would say that the vaccination sector is a demanding, complex and highly regulated world. The difference that GSK makes is that the company sees everyone’s personal development as very important and cares about their well-being so that they can blossom in their everyday work and deliver products exactly as planned and in the best conditions.