Health Economics Lead

A lot of things have happened to me over the last few decades.

I've started working for GSK in Hungary, in the local company, (HPV tender): Regional role – Emerging Markets (supporting GAVI business, establish Health Economics evaluations to contribute to decision making) getting to know different cultures, and see the value of vaccination with my eyes.

Then a Global role – Neisseria, and now leadership position. (supporting UK tender renewal, supporting UMVs) exciting and challenging role to increase the access to prevent this devastating disease.

Today, grown up, settled in Belgium, as a woman, wife, recently becoming a mother, I keep connected to this core - am also working on doing something good, leading and building our team in an international company environment towards the ultimate goal to turn our vaccines into vaccination and protected person and population,  and prevent diseases and live healthier, let it be a baby or adult, a woman in risk of cancer or soon a patient with chronic conditions.

What I really love about GSK, is the wide range of opportunities aligned with my values and ambitions.

There has always been a way and support to grow, let it be day to day job, where I could build and grow my expertise and leadership skills, always having a good word or openness for feedback or advice through nurturing work-relationships as informal as having a coffee or as established as initiatives (talent management, coaching programs), or even supporting development through formal educational opportunities.

Also, having the opportunity to work in an international environment, meet and be inspired by great people and with very exciting projects and studies.  

How has GSK supported my development?

I am privileged to find support in my career goals aligned with my personal drives. Starting in local role back in GSK Hungary, over the years I built the experience and got ready to move to regional role and relocating to Belgium, that was made possible by GSK. Through my regional role and in my global role, there have been always initiatives that helped me, as I mentioned, to develop myself through achieving success in the business environment. Supporting leaders, talent management program, exposure and visibility in dedicated projects and opportunities to get outside my comfort zone. Also, I became a leader of our team also in the moment when I became a mother, and the fact that I got the support to take that step ahead in this moment of my life is a real testimony of GSK investing in people and being inclusive.

When I talk about my job as an example, I always say that if you want to make a difference, and have the courage and resilience to build it day by day, in an international, open and agile inclusive environment, for the ultimate goal to improve the health and well-being of people, GSK is just the right place to think of. It is a modern employer, up to speed with our external environment and wit the changing requirement to look an employee as a whole person.