ingrid GSK HR Lead


HR Lead

What makes you, you? 

What makes ME is WE. My absolute motto in life is teamwork. I will get my greatest energy from working, learning, being successful … and yes even making mistakes with others. So no surprise I work within HR. I currently act as HRBL Benelux Nordics for our Consumer Healthcare business. Partnering and contributing to the success of that area, business and team is my daily goal. How? By putting People at the Center, and (help) building around this important organizational pillar the HR strategy, support, tools, guidance needed to allow our organization to be successful and keep up with the pace of innovation and evolution.

What do you like most about working at GSK?

The level of pride within GSK is particularly high and I am a fervent member of that community of proud employees. It is what we do and how we do it that nourishes that sense of pride. Having an impact on global health and people’s wellbeing is something that genuinely fuels you. From the moment you open those office doors in the morning till the evening you close them behind you. There is not a second you lose sight of those patients and consumers you are helping to do more, feel better, live longer. You might think this is not very different from other healthcare companies. But our culture definitely is. GSK is a family, where people not only can be themselves but also their best selves. 

How has GSK supported your development?

It’s a permanent journey. It goes from entrusting a leading project role, to supporting a bold move, or stepping up in an existing role, to give just some examples. This allowed me to work over my 7 years with GSK for its 4 different businesses (Pharmaceuticals, ViiV Healthcare, Consumer Healthcare, Vaccines), in 2 different roles (Communications, HR) and 3 totally different settings (Global, Area, Local). And hopefully more to come!

What are your highlights at GSK?

Obviously our people! When you see them fighting when times are tough, teaming up to create something amazing, being authentic and showing mutual respect in good and bad times, you realise you have reached something unique and priceless as a company and a team. I have had the chance to live that fantastic level of engagement and be part of it on several occasions. There is no greater “high” than witnessing “Coming together becoming working together” – to quote Henry Ford. If I may complete that quote with a personal note I would add “…propelling forward into versions of our best selves”.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

What might seem to be a tough experience when living it, will appear afterwards to be a major learning and self-discovery opportunity. Setbacks or challenges make you grow and can reveal new territories of resilience or even unknown talents. 

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us? 

As said, there are other innovative healthcare companies. If you are however looking for a company that will not only nourish your brain but also your sense of purpose and your heart, GSK might not only be a place to be, but also to grow and stay. But how about you? What would you bring to our company? We like to tango at GSK !