Specialist Clinical Biostatistician
GSK Belgium

“It’s not just what we do nor how we do it that brought me to GSK – it’s why we do it. When you’re part of a company that develops vaccines that help people to do more, feel better and live longer, you have an incredible sense of purpose. But I also believe that GSK is making the biggest impact in vaccines. In our pipeline, we’re targeting our products at developing countries. Everything is driven by patients and the desire to fight diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.

“As a Clinical Biostatistician, I’m involved in protocol development and the design, monitoring and reporting of clinical trials. It’s a highly regulated environment and you have to become familiar with lots of Standard Operating Procedures. There are no quick wins either, so you need to be patient. But the point is, you have the time to do a quality job.

“In my year here, two words have stood out: ‘integrity’ and ‘transparency’, and at GSK they go hand in hand. We’re given training on integrity from day one and I’m proud that, back in 2004, GSK became the first pharma company to insist on a clinical study register to publish protocols, thereby driving transparency in the industry. As a statistician, I love our open and collaborative culture. Rather than working in silos, we take a holistic view of the clinical research process. This means I have access to colleagues across teams, get to see all the research and input projects at every stage. Add the way GSK has supported my professional development and I’m even more convinced I’ve made the right choice.”