Global Senior Marketing Manager
GSK Belgium

“Since 2008, I’ve enjoyed an adventure in career progression which I’ve driven just as much as my managers and mentors. I’ve worked my way through commercial, medical scientific liaison and sales management roles, before becoming a business unit head. Moving to Belgium in 2015, I’m now in my dream job – a global role, bringing to life strategies for our portfolio of measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMRV) vaccines in markets across the world. It’s been a melting pot of experiences that has created endless opportunities for me to grow.

“As my career has unfolded, I’ve seen that we’re not afraid to be first, to steer the industry along a new path, and what we do can be quite inspirational. We do the right thing for the right reasons – in a word, patients. And we speak about successes and failures in the same breath so everyone can learn and improve. Honesty and transparency are part of our everyday lives, which is really empowering, and our values are at the forefront of decisions we make across the business.

“Passion for your job will take you a long way at GSK. I wake up every morning knowing I love what I do. I can have fun at work, and the diversity and energy of the people working here is quite intoxicating.”