Julien Vassart

Line Driver

We aim to produce vaccines for as many people in the world as possible, under the best possible conditions, and in a safe environment. 


Julien's interview

What’s it like being a line driver?

A line driver wears several hats. A mechanic's hat, a team coach's hat, and a trainer's hat because you have to train other people on the line.  

Which professional encounter has had the greatest impact on you?  

My former foreman. He is my mentor and taught me everything. He passed all his expertise and work methodology on to me. I'm very grateful.

What's the best thing about your work? 

The team spirit. I’ve loved and played football since I was a child, where team spirit plays a big role, so I’m glad to have found that team spirit that I love so much here at GSK too.

How would you describe the corporate culture?  

Our aim is to produce vaccines for as many people in the world as possible to prevent infectious diseases that have a big impact on public health. But we do this under the best possible conditions internally, providing a safe and flexible environment for all staff.