Mercy Fonyuy


Taking part and contributing to critical decision making for the ongoing studies, which will eventually lead to creating vaccines that will help a lot of people, is my greatest pride each and every day. 


Mercy's interview

What does a typical working day look like for you? 

Every day often starts with reading new mails, meeting with supervisors, team members and/or other stakeholders of the current project. From there, I mostly go on with tasks I had plan for the day, or pick up a new task as the need arises. These tasks often include quality control of tables, reviewing statistical documents and writing scripts in SAS to help automate some repetitive quality activities. Sometimes, I also spent the whole days with different team members and collaborators discussing the state of the work, planning and brainstorming on the way forward on various issues.

What motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work?   

Working in research and development comes with a lot of challenges. Depending on how you perceive and use these challenges, it can be a huge motivation. I see these challenges as opportunities to make difference and to improve on myself, and this makes me looking forward to each new day. GSK provides a lot of such learning opportunities and you get a chance to make an impact every single day.

What does GSK mean to you in three words? 

Inclusiveness, healthcare, growth.

What is the best moment you have experienced at work? 

Together with my teammates we achieve SAC for IA1 for our study one day before the expected dateline. This was not seemingly feasible at some point because there were lots of unexpected issues with the data, yet we could get through this. I felt so fulfilled knowing that this will go a long way to help a lot people in long run because we were able to deliver within schedule. I was thrilled to hear the acknowledgement from our manager regarding the effort put into reaching this goal. 


What is your greatest pride in your work?   

Working with GSK is a dream come true. I have such an amazing team and my manager (Brigitte Cheuvart) makes it such a joy to work here. Taking part and contributing to critical decision making for the ongoing studies, which will eventually lead to creating vaccines that will help a lot of people, is my greatest pride each and every day.

What would you say to someone considering working with us? 

GSK has a flexible working environment aimed at fulfilling professional life without compromising your well-being, thus striking a balance between work and health. The support, cooperation, and empowerment you’ll get is indispensible. You’ll be surrounded by experts that are so passionate about their work and you can learn a lot from them, yet everyone has freedom to challenge the status quo. Good work is always appreciated and you will constantly be provided with growth opportunities.

What advice would you give to a new employee? 

Ask as many questions as you think of, there are young, and old, all very experienced colleagues who are beyond ready to share knowledge. There’s a whole lot to learn and it can be overwhelming but don’t worry, you will understand it one after the other. Don’t forget to make notes during meetings. Practice good time management and ask help if you need it, don’t spend too much time on something you could immediately ask someone to help you with. Schedule time to develop other necessary skills for the role. Always ask for feedback if you can and welcome constructive criticism. 

How would you describe the company culture? 

GSK encourages accountability, integrity and transparency in all its processes and activities. Every employee is encouraged to make the health of the people and the environment a priority. We want to improve the healthcare for everyone everywhere while keeping the environment safe from our processes and byproducts. 

How would you describe your working environment? 

Progressive in the sense that, you collaborate with others towards a common goal which spurs creativity and enhances employee satisfaction via team achievements; Besides, regardless of who you are, what they look like, how you identify and what you do, everyone feels equally involved and supported. There is transparency in the communication channels, information or feedback flows freely between and amongst individuals and the team. Flexibility - at work promotes healthy work life balance, the essential thing is for your work to get done on time. Nurturing - you have the space and encouragement needed to grow and prosper within the organization. 

How do you think GSK as a company makes a difference? 

GSK does not only bring high quality products into the healthcare, but does so while promoting equality, inclusiveness, flexibility and diversity in its workforce. 

Which professional encounter has had the greatest impact on you?   

The Joint Safety Review Team (JSRT) meeting is a decision making meeting where patients at the center. At this meeting, I got to experience firsthand how much effort goes into making sure that the vaccines created are indeed suitable to the users. I was amazed at how much effort and time was put into discussing every detail just to ensure that patient safety will in no way be undermined. 

Is the company socially and environmentally committed? If so, in what way?   

GSK in committed to distinguishing itself in the healthcare industry not just through its end products but also by the very process and tools with which those products are made. GSK has always been committed to reducing its carbon footprint, waste to landfill and has committed to reaching a Net zero impact on climate by 2030. Our mission statement: to help people do more, feel better and live longer, says it all.

Which efforts does GSK make to further develop the careers of its employees? 

You are given challenging tasks and empowered with the support and tools to go through successfully. Every employee is also required to create individual development plans and yearly objectives. The manager is then charged with providing you with the tools you need to meet these goals. You also get feedback on the progress you are making as an employee.