Mercy Fonyuy


Belgian employee Mercy Fonyuy

Taking part in critical decision-making processes for our ongoing studies, which will eventually lead to creating vaccines that will help a lot of people, is my greatest pride each and every day. 

Belgian employee Mercy Fonyuy


Mercy's interview

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Together with my teammates, we achieved very good results for our latest study one day before the expected deadline. This seemed unfeasible at some point because there were many unexpected issues with the data, yet we managed to get through it. I felt so fulfilled knowing that our work (and ability to deliver results in time!) would help many people in the long run.

What’s it like working with the JSRT?

The Joint Safety Review Team (JSRT) meeting is a decision-making meeting where patients are at the center. You really get to experience firsthand how much effort goes into ensuring that the vaccines created are indeed suitable for the users. I’m always amazed at how much effort and time was put into discussing every detail just to ensure that patient safety will in no way be undermined.

Do you have flexibility in your job?

Yes, GSK offers a flexible working environment aimed at feeling fulfilled professionally without compromising your well-being. The support, cooperation, and empowerment are great – and indispensable for a healthy work life in the long term.

Are there any growth opportunities at GSK?

Yes, every employee is required to create individual development plans and yearly objectives, which your manager will help you reach by providing support, tools, and feedback. Sometimes, you are given challenging tasks, but you are also provided with the resources needed to succeed.

One piece of advice you’d give newcomers?

You are surrounded by experts who are passionate about their work, and you can learn a lot from them – so ask as many questions as you can, they’re eager to share their knowledge.