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Research & Development

We deliver our long-term priorities of Innovation, Performance and Trust through each of our three businesses which discover, develop and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.

Our approach to Pharmaceutical Research and Development (R&D) focuses on science related to the immune system, the use of human genetics and advanced technologies, and is driven by the multiplier effect of Science x Technology x Culture. It will help us to accelerate the pace at which we develop and deliver transformational medicines, prioritising those molecules with a higher probability of success and terminating less promising programmes. It also enables us to increase our focus on specialty medicines in areas such as oncology.

In our Vaccines business, we balance our focus on a robust pipeline with the active life-cycle management of our existing vaccines, seeking to protect more people through expanding indications and delivering our vaccines to new geographies. Our Innovation ambition is to lead the industry by disrupting the discovery, development and manufacturing of vaccines. We will focus on accelerating key assets in our pipeline and looking at innovative technologies so that we can unlock potential in emerging fields. Using our industry-leading science, we will accelerate the delivery of our most promising assets to serve the greatest unmet medical need. We want to change the world with our science.

Our Consumer Healthcare R&D organisation develops products in five categories: Oral Health, Pain Relief, Respiratory, Nutrition and Gastrointestinal and Skin Health. Our focus is on building a strong, competitive pipeline of consumer-led, science-based innovation. On 1 August 2019 we announced that we'd completed our transaction with Pfizer to combine our consumer healthcare businesses into a new world-leading Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture. Within three years of the closing of the transaction, we intend to separate the Joint Venture via a demerger. With our future intention to separate, the transaction also presents a clear pathway forward for us to create a new global Pharmaceuticals/Vaccines company, and a new world-leading Consumer Healthcare company.

Available roles

Opportunities exist for R&D scientists in Vaccines.

Our R&D organisation attracts scientists from most disciplines including medical or veterinary physicians, chemists, biologists, statisticians, pharmacologists and microbiologists. Some apply their scientific skills to carrying out innovative research. This ranges from early science on fundamental and applied immunology to work on vaccine targets, delivery systems and manufacturing technologies. Others apply their scientific or medical training to early and late development clinical trials, or to clinical operations, safety, regulatory & medical affairs, epidemiology, health economics or statistics. Other scientists or physicians monitor the quality of our research and ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of existing regulations.

Most importantly, if you join R&D, there will be plenty of opportunities for development and growth into other roles within the company. Essentially, you’ll be able to build a career that is well-rounded as well as having great depth.

Working in R&D

GSK Vaccines employs more people on vaccine-related work at 3 R&D sites (Belgium, US and Italy), of whom, more than 1,800 scientists in Belgium work on the development of new vaccines.

Every role is different – but our research teams are united by one thing: a dedication to help protect patients through generation and delivery of high quality products.

Our core approach to vaccine R&D is to bring together the best science has to offer to drive innovation. As part of a large research-based company, we have significant scale, resource and expertise that we can bring to the search for new vaccines. We have created agile and accountable early-stage R&D groups. These are tasked with seeking out the biological targets involved in disease and continually strive to overcome vaccine-related challenges. It means there’s a real sense of purpose in R&D. We give our scientists responsibility, and achievement is recognised and rewarded. In addition, we have set up an original internal framework, enabling scientists to test their ideas and stimulating innovation through ‘intrapreneurship’.

Our R&D efforts also include the lifecycle management of vaccines already on the market and those that we anticipate will emerge from the pipeline. We do this to extend the reach of our vaccines, adapting them to ensure they meet the needs of patients.

There are not many jobs where your day-to-day work will result in advances in vaccine R&D that have the potential to transform global health.

Our people are continually given opportunities to learn through new scientific projects, jobs or experiences – working with internal experts and often collaborating with external experts in their fields.

So if this appeals to you, now’s the time to join us.

Who we are looking for

We appreciate people who care about quality science, like to satisfy their scientific curiosity, and are keen to contribute to making discoveries that benefit society. You should combine scientific or medical expertise with the ability to work collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team. In a constantly changing scientific and business environment, you will need to be able to adapt readily and to keep learning and evolving. Above all, we look for people ready to share our values of transparency, respect for people, integrity and patient focus.

We are proud to promote an open culture, encouraging people to be themselves and giving their ideas a chance to flourish.