Our behaviour

Our commitment to be a responsible, values-based business underpins everything we do, including our sales and marketing practices, our lobbying and policy activities, our relationships with suppliers and how we conduct and report our research.

Ethical conduct

Ethical conduct is a priority for GSK and we are committed to performance with integrity. We have robust policies and compliance processes covering all our operations, including the way we reward our sales representatives, how we market our medicines and vaccines, and how we work with stakeholders.

Our compliance programmes embed the same standards across our business units in different countries. These include our Code of Conduct, which outlines how all employees should apply our Values and Behaviours, and our Global Code of Practice for Promotion and Customer Interactions, which applies to all employees involved in sales and marketing as well as third parties acting on our behalf.

research practices

Research practices

Investment in R&D is at the core of our business and we make sure we carry out our research to high ethical and quality standards. Whether it’s a patient’s safety during a clinical trial or the necessary use of an animal in our research, we always apply recognised standards and principles of good medical science, integrity and ethics.



GSK has more than 12.300 researchers employed worldwide.

We aim to address any concerns by being open about our research and regularly engaging with academic scientists, regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders.

We are committed to reporting the results of clinical research into our medicines and vaccines, whether the outcomes are positive or negative. We do this by:

  • posting the results of our research on our publicly accessible Clinical Study Register website;
  • seeking to publish all research results as full papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals;
  • enabling researchers to access detailed anonymised patient-level data from trials;
  • expanding the information made publically available on our Clinical Study Register.