Our planet

To ensure we can continue to deliver high quality products to patients and consumers in the future, we must protect the natural resources we need to make them today.

We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and our products across their lifecycle.

We have set ambitious goals to reduce carbon, water and waste across our value chain – from the sourcing of raw materials and the impacts of our own labs and factories, to the use and disposal of our products by patients and consumers.

Our planet


Our long term goal is to be carbon-neutral across our value chain by 2050. We are reducing operational emissions and engaging with suppliers and consumers to cut emissions associated with sourcing raw materials and using our products. View our carbon chain footprint.


We estimated the total water footprint with our products was 1540 million m³. To reduce our water impact, we are exploring ways to reduce water use across our value chain.


We are actively eliminating, reusing and recycling waste, as well as generating energy from waste. We continue to make progress, cutting our operational waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) by 25% over the last five years. Our investment in infrastructure and technology has yielded results. In 2017, just 4% of our 136,000 tonnes of operational waste ended up in landfill – 25% less than in 2016, and most (71%) was recycled or incinerated to recover energy.